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     The cleaners at Notting Hill Carpet Cleaning Services are so lovely, hard working, and absolute experts when it comes to high quality cleaning. Very pleased I chose them over anyone else.
Tony Whitmore19/05/2020
     This is the second time I have used Notting Hill Carpet Cleaning Services and again, I was very pleased with the house cleaning service they provide.
Jade H.19/09/2019
      Notting Hill Carpet Cleaner took care of some upholstery cleaning I needed that included some old furniture I inherited from my grandmother. They were knowledgeable on what they would need to do for older furniture and now it looks so great. Their prices were reasonable for the service I received.
E. Carter28/06/2017
     Let's put it this way, my previous tenants were pretty messy people. There were some parts of the flat I thought were impossible to clean. Luckily, Notting Hill Carpet Cleaning Services proved me wrong. In only a couple of hours they restored the normal look of my place. Thank you for the outstanding service and hard work. I recommend you to anyone that has a property in need of a serious clean.
John Powell21/07/2016
     I love my pets more than anything, but the effects that they have on the carpets in my home are something that I really struggle with. After trying every cleaning tool and product under the sun I decided the best cause of action was to hire professional help. NottingHillCarpetCleaners managed to get rid of the grime and even remove stains, leaving my carpets looking and smelling amazingly fresh. A very impressive service!
Seth F.29/01/2015
     I hate having to do the cleaning when I've been working hard and with cleaning agencies like this on the pulse, I don't have to. NottingHillCarpetCleaners come to do the cleaning whenever I need an extra hand and the job they do is very professional and prompt. Within an hour they have got all the main bits clean and sometimes they'll stay for an extra half an hour to do trickier jobs like cleaning the shower tiles and the oven hood. The cleaning service I receive from this company is excellent and I would recommend them to anyone, they are also every cheap to employ!
     I have always had problems with keeping my upholstery as clean as I would like. Luckily for me NottingHillCarpetCleaners provide a service that I can't fault. The cleaner they sent to me was really good at their job and there was no question of how well the work was done. I was really impressed at how they managed to get rid of every bit of dirt and even an annoying stain that had been there for ages. I will always go back to them for my cleaning needs as they seem to me to be the best in the area and the best value too.
Gen A.09/10/2014
     I'm going to be honest here, I'm usually too tired after a hard days work to worry about the tidying up. Because of this, I got in touch with NottingHillCarpetCleaners and arranged to give my place a speed clean! I hired them with the intention for this to be a one time only deal, but I was so impressed with them, that I'll be using them on a regular basis! They made everything look great, even getting rid of those grease and oil stains that I thought were here to stay. Their cleaner was friendly too, and provided an all-round fantastic service! Thanks a lot, guys!
Miles D.21/08/2014
     I am not entirely sure as to what it is that makes NottingHillCarpetCleaners so good at what they do. It is most likely the combination of good price, excellent cleaning ability and good customer service, that makes it feel like you are getting an excellent deal on the domestic cleaning. I have to say, I have been using them for a few months now, and every single visit has been a good one, which is rare. I am not the kind of person to get excited about a cleaning company normally!
Gary Smith31/07/2014
     I hired NottingHillCarpetCleaners when I'd just moved into my new house and it definitely wasn't looking up to scratch. The carpets were a mess, the walls were filthy and the oven was disgusting! I'd heard about the company through a friend and thought I'd give them a go and I'm more than happy with the results! The house cleaning service was fast, friendly and really efficient - my house looks like a brand new home and it wasn't as expensive as I'd thought it was going to be! I'd definitely recommend this cleaning company and will definitely be looking to use them in the future!
Caroline F.08/07/2014
     I found that NottingHillCarpetCleaners were easy to communicate with and straight to the point in how they do things. I explained what I needed to have done and what budget I would have to work around. I was a bit nervous at first because it was the first time I had allowed anyone into my home to clean, however I was assured that everything was in safe hand. They were right, a great job was done and I'm very happy with it, this includes the price which was totally compatible with my budget and I am so thankful to them.
Carol S.26/05/2014
     Thank you soo much to all at NottingHillCarpetCleaners who were over on Tuesday to get our place sorted before the big party! We had a lot of people coming, and I was so busy with cooking that I completely forgot to get the house cleaned up, and this lot saved our bacon! We should have called them up the next day, instead of struggling through the clean up with such terrible hang overs! A great team, and a great clean, you can't ask for any more than that!
Shawn Taylor14/05/2014
     Having never really seen the value in a cleaning company, my recent promotion has meant that I barely have time to clean my own teeth, so I am suddenly very much in debt to NottingHillCarpetCleaners who clean my place twice a week. It's a great service, making sure that the house looks absolutely wonderful everyone I come back from work after a long, long day. I hope that this review will get them the business that they deserve, as they really do a magic job. A five star clean, for a low budget price, it's what everyone needs, so get in touch!
Alex McDonnell29/04/2014
     When I needed a professional carpet cleaner it was NottingHillCarpetCleaners that I called. I'd read some good things about them online, and their services were right in my price range so I thought I'd give them a call. I'd just moved into a rented flat and the carpets weren't exactly looking their best. There were stains and filth that I just couldn't lift, which is why I called in professional help! My cleaner got right to work and managed to get rid of even the most difficult stains before giving my carpets a really thorough once-over to leave them looking almost as good as new! A very impressive service that I'd use again. Thanks!
     As a landlord, I often have the misfortune to find that tenants have moved out without cleaning the place. I heard of NottingHillCarpetCleaners and thought I'd see if they would be able to help me out. Well, what can I say? They transformed the whole place - deep cleaning of each and every room and they even cleaned all the carpets and managed to remove all the coffee and soda stains. I now use this company for each and every cleaning task I have. I would recommend them to all landlords who are in the same boat as I was.
Sarah Sharma27/03/2014
     I've only just started using NottingHillCarpetCleaners and they really are excellent. A thorough clean and for a great price is all I need, and that is exactly what I have been getting! It's nice to come home from work and find that the place is looking spic and span, though the kids only get it messed up again straight away!
Kara George05/03/2014
     A friend recommended NottingHillCarpetCleaners's service for routine home cleaning. I had bad luck with a number of cleaning agencies in the past and really needed a dedicated, trustworthy company that could provide thorough cleaning on a routine basis. I was so impressed with their services after the first trial day that I decided to hire them on a regular basis. NottingHillCarpetCleaners is a professional service and their cleaning staff have a great attitude and are hard working. I would recommend them for any home cleaning chore. Thanks for the continued hard work!
Douglas Harper18/02/2014

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